How do I use the audio player?

Adding audio files

Most digital learning modules have an audio-only file available. Audio files can be added to the audio player anytime the “add to playlist” text link is shown for any given module.  Clicking the “add to playlist” text link will automatically add the audio-only file for that program to your personal playlist. The number of audio files currently in your playlist is shown on the top of each page, as long as you are logged in. When a new file is added, the text link for that file will change to “added to playlist”. Files will remain on your playlist until you remove them.


Organizing and playing audio files

Audio files can be played individually or played as a group, in the order they are shown, from the top of your list to the bottom. Clicking the up/down arrows to the right of any file will move the file one step upward or downward for each click.  Alternatively, you can choose to drag and drop audio files to rearrange your playlist as you like. Rewind, fast-forward, pause and volume controls are standard and provided as shown.


For your convenience the time when the program summary begins, for any program with a summary, is shown on the program page for that specific learning module.  On that page, or from the audio player page, you can scroll through to the summary time and quickly access the summary.


Removing audio files

Files remain until you remove them, simply done by clicking on the red ‘minus sign’, shown to the right of each file. When all files have been removed, the player will appear empty.  Files can be added, listened to and removed as frequently as you like.


Note: most audio-only files can also be listened to directly from program pages or from your home page after logging in, without the use of the audio player. The player is provided to allow loading of several modules and hands-free listening to groups of files, podcast-style, on the treadmill or during your commute, or whenever it is convenient for you!

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