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A biomedical eLearning platform created by scientists for healthcare professionals, the biotech/pharma industry, and students... everywhere

Our custom developed audio and audio/video Discovery content explains what’s newly revealed in the latest discoveries, and why it’s impactful.  To learn more, engage with our custom Fundamental Science teaching modules that describe the fundamental science behind the discoveries – detailing cellular signaling pathways, biochemical processes, and translational implications. These modules provide context and depth, making the latest biomedical discoveries even more accessible. Through these modules busy healthcare providers learn, quickly, the important mechanistic underpinnings of breakthrough scientific developments.

Based in the United States, BIOPODIA is an organization dedicated to making innovative, impactful and timely biomedical science accessible. Our world-wide group of scientists and communicators carefully create our educational materials, designed for the modern medical professional. Our scientists and editorial team work tirelessly to develop and curate an expanding collection of eLearning modules detailing cutting-edge scientific discoveries. As a result, through our online platform we bring the most important elements directly to you. Integrity and excellence are at the heart of our team, evident in all we do: In our dedication to accurately representing new discoveries; In how we deliver the most important aspects of new studies in carefully selected language that dovetailes with your training and expertise; In sourcing modern, consensus views on fundamental topics. Our scientists, educators and editorial teams are committed to delivering clear and effective teaching materials of excellent quality, directly to you.

We believe clinicians, patients, and society-at-large all benefit when healthcare providers have access to the latest biomedical discoveries and the science that drives them. We believe connecting biotech and pharma industry professionals with innovative discoveries can accelerate the development of new therapeutics and help identify new applications for currently approved therapies. We believe students should have every possible advantage throughout their training, and a helping hand thinking about and participating in biomedical discovery. We believe scientific breakthroughs should be easier to access. We believe healthcare providers and industry professionals deserve to see what’s new, what’s working, and what’s promising – now. We believe our scientists can help. We are BIOPODIA.


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Attending Physicians / PAs / Pharmacologists / Residents / Fellows

Healthcare providers, we hear you: cutting-edge biomedical science is exciting, informative and holds the key to new therapeutics. Yet, you often have little time in your day to search through and read the enormous and ever-expanding scientific literature. We understand. Providing high quality patient care is extremely time consuming, especially today… and pouring your heart and soul into caring for others leaves little time or energy for keeping current in modern scientific research in one’s field, let alone in other, related fields. We can help.

Our presentations are built upon selections from the current primary scientific literature, condensed into bite-size pieces, and created just for you. Our scientific content is available in narrated, short video format. For those with even less time, our scientific Discoveries series and our Fundamental Science presentations are also available in audio-only format, for podcast-style listening on the treadmill, or over lunch, or during your commute. BIOPODIA is your source of cutting-edge biomedical science on the go.


Medical students / PA students / Pharmacology students

Supplement your diet with brief bursts of biomedical science. Customize your playlist and listen on the go. Gaining insight into aging, immunology, neurobiology, obesity and metabolism, and other fields is now fast and easy.

Maintain your competitive edge and be better prepared to discuss and participate in research activities throughout your training. Join us today to see how well our audio and audio/video presentations complement your course work and practical experience.

With BIOPODIA you will learn more about how scientific and translational processes work, and gain insight into the scientific discoveries of today that drive next-gen patient care strategies and the therapeutics of tomorrow.

In our vision for the future, innovative and relevant biomedical science is a click away.

Biotech / MSLs / Pharma industry professionals

In the hyper-competitive biotech and pharma industry, scientists and business leaders deserve every advantage available. Keeping up with one's field is a significant challenge. Everyone is short on time. What's more, there is tremendous value in maintaining an awareness of developments in areas related to your specialty. Medical Science Liasons and other industry professionals already understand this well.

It's now easier than ever to maintain your competitive edge. Customize your playlist and listen on the go. New insight into cellular signaling pathways and opportunities for translational applications are available in a simplified and condensed format.
Audio, video... your choice.
Fast, easy, and available on-demand.
Join us for insight into the scientific discoveries of today that will drive the next-gen therapeutics of tomorrow.

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Members have unlimited access to all content: modern Discoveries that concisely translate the newest research and our Fundamental Science modules delivering mechanistic insight into signaling pathways and therapeutic targets. All for less than the typical cost of a single journal subscription. Modules are available in audio-only as well as audio/video formats. New eLearning modules are uploaded each week and importantly, remain accessible - members can easily utilize our searchable database to access the library, anytime.

Unless you have the time to parse through the enormous scientific literature, many of these discoveries will otherwise remain more or less unknown to you for an extended period of time; we curate these learning materials so you can advance your knowledge while saving time. As a member you have access to new discoveries, pathways and processes, now- and whenever it's convenient. Biomedical science, in language for you, is explained in minutes.

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