Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use the audio player?
Adding audio files Most digital learning modules have an audio-only file available. Audio files can be added to the audio player anytime the “add to playlist” text link is shown for any given module.  Clicking the “add to playlist” text link will automatically add the audio-only file for that program to your personal playlist. The number of audio files currently in your playlist is shown on the top of each page, as long as you are logged in. When a new file is added, the text link for that file will change to “added to playlist”. Files will remain on your playlist until you remove them.   Organizing and playing audio files Audio files can be played individually or played as a group, in the order they are shown, from the top of your list to the bottom. Clicking the up/down arrows to the right of any file will move the file one step upward or downward for each click.  Alternatively, you can choose to drag and drop audio files to rearrange your playlist as you like. Rewind, fast-forward, pause and volume controls are standard and provided as shown.   For your convenience the time when the program summary begins, for any program with a summary, is shown on the program page for that specific learning module.  On that page, or from the audio player page, you can scroll through to the summary time and quickly access the summary.   Removing audio files Files remain until you remove them, simply done by clicking on the red ‘minus sign’, shown to the right of each file. When all files have been removed, the player will appear empty.  Files can be added, listened to and removed as frequently as you like.   Note: most audio-only files can also be listened to directly from program pages or from your home page after logging in, without the use of the audio player. The player is provided to allow loading of several modules and hands-free listening to groups of files, podcast-style, on the treadmill or during your commute, or whenever it is convenient for you!
How can I edit my profile or billing information?
You can edit your profile, contact information and billing details at any time by clicking on “my profile”, shown at the top of the home page.
Are there employment opportunities available?
There often are! Current opportunities to work with us are shown on the Careers page - a link to the page, found on the home page header, is visible when we’re hiring.
Can I receive CME credits for watching these educational materials?
We aim to offer CME credits soon! Check back regularly, or simply rest assured we will send a message to our membership as soon as that feature is available.
How modern/current are these materials?
Our eLearning modules are based on impactful studies generally crafted within a few weeks to a few months of their publication date / public access date. This ensures new discoveries are shared in a timely manner. Our Fundamental modules are based on the current year’s scientific literature and includes consensus ideas from within the scientific community. Some modules are updated yearly, others replaced when significant updates are needed, or when it is helpful for our membership. So, rest assured, the scientific ideas, concepts, and data you’re learning is current indeed.
Who makes these? Do experts craft these educational materials?
Educational modules are developed by our network of professional scientists and undergo several levels of editing and review.  Senior editors with years of practical experience beyond their Ph.D./M.D./PharmD degrees edit and approve final versions before publication.
Is this company and website based in the U.S.?
Yes, BIOPODIA is a U.S. based company. As science is global, we are currently working with a network of scientists, physicians, pharmacologists, professors, language editors, and many other specialists in more than 10 countries.
How are topics selected? Can I suggest a topic to be covered?
Selections from the current primary scientific literature that are impactful and of interest to our membership are chosen to be the basis for our educational Discoveries–series modules. Fundamental science modules are developed to support, and provide greater depth into, topic areas taught in our Discoveries and Review series. Of course, members can always suggest topic areas, including specific pathways, at any time. Simply use the online form provided. We love getting topic suggestions!
What’s the best way to use the “Search” feature?
Exciting new discoveries and more detailed, fundamental eLearning modules are all searchable; simply input any relevant keyword (or keywords) into the search bar. Keywords can be general (i.e.:” Virology”) or more specific (i.e.:” RIG-I Signaling”). Searching with multiple keywords will deliver results that have been previously tagged with any of the keywords used in the search.
How can I find more content related to what I’m watching / listening to?
Content related to the currently selected video module appears below the video on each video’s page. Simply scroll through to find related reviews, or a module with more depth, for a fuller, richer learning experience.
Is content shown chronologically?
Yes, the most recently added material is at the top of each category by default. Content is also searchable by keyword.
Is there an Android App for this? Is there an IOS App for this?
Native IOS and Android apps are currently in development. Check back soon!
Will the audio player pick up where I left off after logging out and logging back in?
Upon logging back in, the files you added to your audio player should be right where you left them. Play again if you wish, re-order them, or remove from your player when you’ve finished learning from them.
Can I rearrange the audio files in “my audio player” to play in a different order?
Absolutely! Using our in-site audio player you can add, re-order, and listen to files on the go.  
As a member, are there any limits on how many times I can view or listen to content?
There are no limits- as a member you can view and listen to content when, where, and as often as you wish!
Are there discounts for memberships in developing countries?
Discounts may be available, depending on your country. Please contact us for details.
Are there discounts for teachers?
Selecting an academic membership and providing an email address ending in .edu will ensure discounted academic rates are applied at sign up. Additional discounts for membership in academic and professional societies may be applicable; when available, they will be shown in a drop-down menu viewable during the sign-up process.
I’m not a medical or science professional, but as an individual I’m interested in learning about modern biomedical science. Is this site for me?
Individuals with an understanding of medical biology, molecular and cellular biology, or related fields will get the most out of our content, though everyone is welcome!
What’s the difference between “Corporate” and “Academic” memberships?
Academic pricing is reserved for those primarily and actively engaged in academia, subscribing with an academic email address (.edu).
What are the differences between membership levels?
To allow everyone access to cutting-edge science, we provide discounted subscription rates to academic and trainee members of our services.
Are student memberships given all-access?
Absolutely! With a yearly subscription, students receive full access to new material and our entire archive, all while enjoying reduced subscription rates.
I signed up as part of a group; does this mean our group has one set of login credentials?
Each subscribing individual is registered as an individual member, provided member privileges, and receives a unique set of member login credentials that function after email verification.
How can I get help with connection/technical issues?
For technical assistance, simply call us. We’re here to help and will resolve your issue as soon as possible.
How can I get help with issues related to login, registration or billing?
For assistance with getting logged in, getting registered, or billing questions- just call us. We’re here to help!
Can I get help with a new password?
Certainly! Our password reset tool makes this process straightforward and solves most of the password issues.  However, if you’re still having trouble, simply call us for immediate assistance. If you are currently able to log in, and simply have questions about password requirements, re-use, and for other matters that are not time sensitive, please reach out by email or use the online form provided, and one of our member services associates will get in touch shortly and assist you.
How do I change my password?
Password reset is easy using our password reset tool here.
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